The Power of Us

Get ready to love...
for love to last 

Get ready to love and show up whole for your current or future relationship!

Like anything that is successful, you need rules to make it work. 

And love is no exception. 

But the love rules you know may not be the ones that have worked for you. 

We all want love in our lives... We want love to last... to hold on to that feel good energy that lifts us higher and washes us with the tingling 

feeling that we are connected to someone special... 

We want our relationships to be healthy so we can grow into a mutually giving partnership....

Yet research shows that the average relationship now lasts less than three years!! 


We live in a time when heartbreaks are on the rise, and more people are longing for that human connection... 

Why is it so hard to connect, to find a love that lasts? One that brings more to our life than takes away from it...


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The Power of Us!

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To answer this question, you need ask yourself these significant ones below:

~ Do you know how to love?

~ Do you know how to love without losing yourself?

~ Do you know how to receive?

~ Are you ready for love

~ Do you enter or stay in a relationship for the right reasons?

~ Does your relationship fill or empty you

~ Do you show up whole and ready to invest

~ Do you often question whether to stay or go?

~ Do you know when it’s time to walk away?

Unfortunately, most people do not show up ready to love, nor do they know how love truly works

While they may have great intentions, they come into relationships wanting something from it, rather than ready to give into it so that love can prosper. And that’s the main reason why most relationships don’t last. 

We show up broken. Wanting. 

We come into relationships with these preconceived ideas of what it means to be in one. We believe that a relationship will heal or make us feel better about ourselves. We enter it to fill a void that can never truly be fulfilled by another. 

Many Hollywood movies and cultural norms have falsely conditioned us to believe in relationship rules that really do not work, nor stand the test of time, making it hard to be happy in them.

At a subconscious level, we may not understand why we keep suffering in love, or why it keeps slipping away.... Why it keeps shattering us into a million pieces when all we really want is to be happy with that special someone. 

Maybe because that is not what love is

Maybe it’s time to learn what it really takes to be in a healthy relationship, and how to make love feel good enough to last... 


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The Power of Us!

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Hi, my name is Toni Rebic, an Alignment Psychologist and creator of TrueSelf Psychology -  a program that heals pain bodies, reconditions mind-patterns, and develops conscious awareness so that you realign with your TrueSelf in 6-8 sessions. You can learn more at:

Having worked closely with thousands of individuals in private and in conscious living masterclasses, the TrueSelf Psychology has grown over the years into a philosophy - a way of good living - and I now teach the TrueSelf way of life in my online masterclasses. 

Working with hundreds of couples, a false assertion I would repeatedly hear is that, “Relationships are hard work!”

No, they are not! 

Thinking this way is certainly a reason why relationships have become so hard to coexist in!

You need to know what to put in consistently, to keep reaping the long term benefits.

In the Power of Us Masterclass, you will learn:

~ The dynamics between the 'three' relationships in a couple 

~ How to love with detachment 

~ The differences between personal and relationships happiness

~ The rules of love that respect the individualities of each partner

~ How to remove blockages and mind patterns that are attracting unhealthy relationships, while pushing the healthy ones away

~ How to remain true to who you are, and not lose yourself in a relationship 

~ How to communicate without raising defenses so you are heard

~ What men can learn from women; and what women can learn from men

~ To replace compromise with win-win decisions

~ How to meet each other’s needs without feeling obligated and reap the benefits

~ Why love is not enough to stay, and what must come before love for it to last

~ The boundaries of giving and receiving 

~ To be more open to receive and not just give 

~ To give with the right expectations

~ What are the conditions of unconditional love 

~ The cultural norms that create unhappy relationships and how to get rid of them

~That what brings us together is not what keeps us together

~ How to remain aligned and detached from your partner’s personal issues

~ When it’s time to put yourself first and leave an unhealthy relationship 


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The Power of Us!

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It makes all the difference in the world when you are emotionally equipped, and know the rules of love to increase the probability of creating a lasting relationship, or know when to walk away from a toxic one. 

The Power Of Us Masterclass will prepare you for the love journey if you are single, or improve the one you’re on if you’re in a relationship. 


After The Power of Us Masterclass, you will be able to:

  • Invest in your relationship to create growth
  • Connect more deeply in your intimate life 
  • Freely ask for what you want
  • Communicate so that you are heard
  • Be more open to give your partner what they need
  • Know your worth and set the right standards
  • Be in a mutually giving and receiving relationship
  • Set appropriate boundaries you are comfortable with
  • Know how to love without losing yourself
  • Choose to be with someone who knows how to love back
  • Know how to love the way your partner can feel it
  • Remove attachment and unreasonable expectations
  • Create win-win situations rather than compromise
  • Know what each gender can teach the other
  • Know what are the good reasons to stay, and the reasons to walk away

And so much more!

The TrueSelf Live Masterclasses are interactive and we partner you up with a TrueSelf Teammate to raise the synergy of your learning. 

Weekly assignments keep you accountable and help you to absorb more with a partner on a similar journey.

It’s time to feel better in your love life! 


Because love is a high vibration. And our motto is: 

The Better You Feel The Better Life Gets  


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The Power of Us!

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FREE TRIAL!  A Welcome incentive to our TrueSelf newcomers!!

My wish for all of you is that you enjoy your journey getting ready to love and show up whole to create a healthy and lasting relationship. 

Our motto is, “The better you feel, The better life gets.” So it’s important to, “Feel Good Now!” 

If you've never taken a TrueSelf Psychology course, the first day of the course is a free trial. At no cost to you! If you stay, you pay; if you don't, we will refund your payment in full!





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TRUESELF MISSION: TrueSelf Global Care 

Our work isn't done! 

We are on a mission to transform this world by assisting those who are looking for emotional wellness resources but are unable to afford the psychological training and services required to improve and transform the wellbeing of their communities. 

TrueSelf Global Care is our international charitable organization that aims to offer free training and teach care workers around the world our TrueSelf Psychology Programs. 

Our mission is to impact the world by helping those who are looking for these teachings. To provide essential wellness training and assistance that would otherwise be inaccessible.

With each purchase of your TrueSelf course, 25% of the fee goes directly to support the TrueSelf Global Care mission. It’s an all-around 4-way-win!

The Power Of Us Masterclass - 6-week Live Class, dates are: 

Thursday, February 18th, 25th, 2021  - March 4th, 11th, 18st, 25st 2021 -

@ 7:00pm to 9:15pm EST

* If you cannot attend a class, you’ll have access to each class recording for one week in our portal.


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The Power of Us!

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